New year, new planner

turning the page to a new year

I don't always make resolutions, but one of the rituals I do follow every year is swapping to a new planner; since 2015, that's been the Hobonichi Techo. I admit I don't write nearly as much in them sometimes, and I think to some degree it's the same thing Eric talks about in Planning Imperfectly at Planner Club:

What kept me from using my planners was this belief that my pages had to be filled with content that was Important, Remarkable, or Beautiful. Seeing staged photos of others’ journals filled with meticulous notes and sketches from a practiced, delicate hand reinforced that idea. Like, there are people out here painting watercolor masterpieces in their notebooks, and I’m struggling to make my printed words legible lmao.

Itoi's advice in that same post hit home too:

Most of my entries are just things I’m thinking about. I keep my techo with me whenever I’m sitting and thinking. I don’t really sit and write an entry, but I stop and think a lot while I’m writing. Sometimes I skip the details. I don’t mind making mistakes, I just want to make sure to write things down so I can have it later.

2015 cover, 2019 planner

I guess I've been fumbling towards that realization myself - that just because I'm not drawing lifelike sketches on each day, or filling my planner or journal pages with delightful anecdotes in handwriting that looks more like a font than writing, doesn't mean I have to leave things blank. My life is at least important enough to fill out a planner, damn it.

If nothing else, it means I might quit forgetting ideas. To some degree, this blog helps with that some - at least, for keeping track of longer lists of things I've been researching - but for quick ideas on the go ala Itoi - what probably would've been called a commonplace book in another place and time - even I can do that, and I don't need stamps or tape or watercolors or super fancy pens for that.

it's an old pen

Heck, I'm still using the free pen Hobonichi sent me in 2016 with their 2017 planner. All three colors still work. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

And whether it's broke or not, write it down.

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