Where did two months go?

an image of a tweet

I haven't felt so personally attacked by a tweet in a while. I mean, granted, this isn't my webpack/babel/typescript/react/emotion blog about how I built this blog, but it's pretty close. I get it, I get it. I'll update more.

I have been playing more RPGs, and I finally got an actual domain directed to this server. I've also decided after reading another highly-relatable comic from Webcomic Name (oh no) that I need to quit fucking around reading books about game development and writing about game development and, Lord help me, Medium posts about using Notion for task management in game development and just do the damn thing. So I'm gonna start posting that here because it keeps me accountable.

I'm also gonna start a Patreon, which is just another form of accountability, and because what good is a hobby if you don't monetize it, am I right?

(I am not right.)

Stay tuned, I suppose.

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