In search of a good RPG planning tool

Normally I’m content to fly by the seat of my pants for my Dungeon World games, but when you end a session by kidnapping the paladin to another plane, you plan a little more. I’ve written about six custom moves (four for him, two for everyone left behind), made two (abstract) maps - one filled out, one not so much - and even drummed up some magical items for when they get back and finally get that payment they so richly deserve for clearing out the infestation of shadows (and gnoll necromancers) plaguing the dwarves.

Overprepared? Me? Never. 🐉 🎲

I am finding that my notes this time are more abstractly formed, and I’m beginning to think maybe keeping them in Notion isn’t the best idea, especially since I’m starting to bump up against the free account limit. I still don’t have a good tool for keeping my copious notes organized in such a way that makes sense, and my current system isn’t exactly ideal - right now I take pencil and paper notes at the table and attempt to organize them and make sense of it later. One of my old Dungeon World campaigns used a plain old MediaWiki for this purpose, and it was fine, but I don’t have a server to run it on anymore (heresy, I know, but I couldn’t justify paying for a VPS anymore).

Basically I need:

  • The ability to search. This is extremely important.
  • The ability to cross-reference notes within each other, or at least tag notes so they all show up together.
  • Some level of multimedia - I do drop pictures and such into my notes for safekeeping.
  • Stretch goal: the ability to publish to a read-only website and send the link to my players, like I did with a little writeup on campaign cosmology.
  • Double stretch goal: if it looks good and runs good on an iPad so that I can go to using that at the table, that’s even better, because I’m strongly contemplating buying one.


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